OTO-TIP Mixed Replacement Tips

Includes 5 large (adult) & 5 small (child) silicone tips specifically for use with the Oto-Tip Electric Silicone Spiral Spin Earwax Cleaner (Device not included)
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OTO-TIP Adult Replacement Tips
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Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve always been told that you shouldn’t put anything in your ear – how safe is the Oto-Tip?
Very safe. The Oto-Tip has been designed with extensive medical consultation (including a Board certified ear-nose-throat specialist and head-neck surgeon) to ensure the safest, most effective product to remove cerumen (ear wax).
What does the Oto-Tip feel like?
The Oto-Tip feels almost like a gentle massage. The tip is made from hypoallergenic silicone, so it is very soft and soothing. Your Oto-Tip should be enjoyable to use. If you feel any pain or discomfort, please stop immediately and seek medical advice.
Can my child use the Oto-Tip?
If your child is under 3, please consult with their pediatrician before using the Oto-Tip. If you use the Oto-Tip with your child, ensure they are able to communicate discomfort, or they can do it themselves under supervision of an adult; just like you would if they were brushing their teeth.
How loud is the Oto-Tip?
Because the Oto-Tip goes into your ear canal, we designed it to be quiet and soothing. We have actively dampened the sound of the motor to a soft whir. Most people would listen to their music louder than Oto-Tip.
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Sarah Collins
This product works well; took a couple of times to get the hang of using it. It is much better than using a cotton swab which just pushes wax further into the ear. I appreciated that it came with the battery!
Lisa Crosswood
You need this simple but innovative tool from Oto-Tip. Great for kids and adults alike. This device is a safer way to clean ears that is simple and very effective. It is gentle and comfortable to use. This little tool is easy to clean and is reusable so it’s greener then cotton swabs. We really like it.
Helen Brington
Finally a better way has been created to clean your ears. What is most impressive about this tool is that it stops you from inserting the tip too far into the ear which could cause damage. With Oto-Tip you do not have to worry. This makes it easier to clean a child’s ear since children have a harder time sitting still. This solves that problem.
Cotton swabs can injure the eardrum. Oto-Tip has a shield to prevent you from pushing it too far into your ear and damaging the eardrum. This product is comfortable and is easy to use and effective for the removal of ear wax. In addition to leaving the ear clean, my hearing has improved, The spiral tip is smooth and soft which helps safety. This is a great product for families that suffer from excess ear wax. I would highly recommend it.

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