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Is Oto-Tip right for you?

Diagram showing how OTO-Tip works to clean your ear.

Ready to upgrade your ear cleaning routine? Try OTO-Tip!

Elevate your ear care with OTO-Tip, a modern solution for maintaining clean and healthy ears. This innovative ear cleaning device features a gentle, spinning silicone tip designed to delicately extract excess earwax from the outer ear canal.

Effectiveness | Safety | Comfort

Diagram showing why cotton swabs are bad for your ears.

Why choose OTO-Tip vs. Cotton Swabs?

Say goodbye to cotton swabs! OTO-Tip offers a gentle and effective solution for earwax removal, ensuring you won't push it deeper into your ear canal. Unlike cotton swabs that can harm delicate ear structures, OTO-Tip's design prioritizes safety. Plus, it reduces the risk of painful infections, making it your best choice for ear care.

Ear Care that Cares for the Earth: Did you know that 500 billion single-use cotton swabs are discarded every year, contributing to environmental pollution? By switching to the OTO-Tip, you're making a conscious choice to be a part of the solution, not the problem. OTO-Tip users have prevented more than 28 million cotton swabs from polluting our environment.

  • Hearing aide wearer and Oto-Tip

    Hearing Aid Users

    Lower Infection Risk 

    Earwax buildup creates a bacteria-friendly environment in the ear canal. Regular cleaning prevents infections.

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  • Music lover wearing ear pods

    Music Lovers / Active Individuals

    Improved Sound Clarity 

    Remove earwax buildup for clearer, improved music quality.

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  • Hearing protection and work Oto-Tip

    Work Ear Protection Users

    Infection Prevention

    Users of ear protection, like construction workers or shooting enthusiasts, face an increased risk of ear infections due to prolonged usage.

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Cotton Swabs Contribute to Waste.

An estimated 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced every day in the world and the average person throws away approximately 415 of them each year.

Oto-Tip uses reusable tips and come in various sizes.