Oto-Tip Starter Kit and Headphones Combo


Oto-Tip’s medical grade silicone tips combined with patented spiral spin technology provides the entire family with a safe, easy, and effective way to maintain ear health. Oto-Tip is doctor-approved for daily use and can be used by children as young as 3 years old. With regular use, we recommend changing your tip every 30-45 days.

These high-quality, water-resistant headphones feature a flexible hanger for a customizable fit, and soft silicone earbuds for maximum comfort. They’re perfect for both casual, everyday listening and for providing musical inspiration during a workout. Enjoy a superior sound experience on the go with easy-to-connect compatibility with all major smartphones. Also feature a built-in microphone and audio controls.

– 1 Oto-Tip device
– 5 large tips
– 5 small tips
– 1 pair water-resistant headphones

Category: SKU: CE-HAN-HP