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The #1 Way to Avoid Swimmer’s Ear this Summer
Updated July 14, 2021
Nothing says 4th of July like a fun-filled day at the lake. Barbecuing, boating and, of course, swimming are the perfect way to celebrate our country’s independence. After the sun sets and the firework smoke clears, most of us simply head home to shower and turn in – but we’re forgetting one important step – cleaning our ears. Swimming in contaminated bodies of water like lakes can lead to “swimmer’s ear” ( Otitis Externa ), an infection of the outer ear canal. Left untreated, it usually requires a trip to the doctor’s office, but no one wants to spend warm and sunny days at the clinic.
 Thankfully, prevention is now safe and easy with the Oto-Tip , a product of Stanford University’s BioDesign program , and a safe, easy, and environmentally friendly way to prevent swimmer’s ear. You and your family may have experienced the symptoms of swimmer’s ear. According to the Minnesota Department of Health , signs are: itchiness inside the ear, redness and swelling of the ear, pain when the infected ear is tugged or when pressure is placed on the ear, and even pus draining from the infected ear. “Swimmer’s ear can occur when water stays in the ear canal for long periods of time, providing the perfect environment for germs to grow and infect the skin,” the Department of Health says. If left untreated, the Mayo Clinic states that symptoms can worsen to “redness and swelling of the outer ear, swelling of the lymph nodes, and fever.” Diving underwater, tubing, water skiing, and other aquatic activities can all lead to this common affliction. Swimmer’s ear can affect all ages, but it’s most common in children and can be extremely painful. According to the CDC , “In the United States, swimmer’s ear results in an estimated 2.4 million health care visits every year.” The treatment? Prescription antibiotic drops – uncomfortable at best and tough to get children to comply with.
So how do you avoid it?
With Oto-Tip , an easy-to-use device created to help you maintain the health of your ears from home, so the fun can last all summer. This device effectively removes water and other debris from the ear in a safe and gentle way that makes it perfect for both adults and kids (ages 3 and up). The Oto-Tip features:
Medical grade, reusable silicone tips
Patented spiral spin technology that effectively removes water and debris all in one treatment
Tips that are shaped to protect against damaging the eardrum when in use
Small and large sized tips, making Oto-Tip safe for use by the entire family
Break-away feature to prevent too much pressure on the ear canal
The Mayo Clinic warns, “Putting fingers, cotton swabs or other objects in your ears also can lead to swimmer’s ear by damaging the thin layer of skin lining your ear canal.”
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Oto-Tip is the safe way to remove water and debris from the ear after a fun-filled day at the lake. Plus, it’s also useful year-round as a way to maintain overall ear health. Not only is it recommended for everyday families, but pediatricians, ENT specialists, audiologists, frequent headset wearers, hearing aid users, and workers who regularly use ear plugs all benefit from its easy-to-use, patented technology.

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